Deutsch for Kids

We teach all aspects of the German language in speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension. In addition, cultural, geographical and historical aspects of all German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) form an integral part of our curricula.

Our classes are structured according to age and language background. Depending on their knowledge and whether German is the language spoken at home, students learn German either as a second or as a foreign language and are divided into two streams throughout the entire program:

German as a Foreign Language Stream:

Students learn German as a foreign language based on the “Daf-Rahmenplan” – the official curriculum developed by the Standing Committee of the German Ministers of Culture and Education. It is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


German as a Second Language Stream:

Students understand and speak German effortlessly. They have the benefit of living in a bilingual environment or may have lived abroad. German as Second Language learners follow an adapted German elementary school curriculum. This stream works towards a DSD 1 or even DSD 2 completion.


Campbell Collegiate,
102 Massey Road, Regina SK

September - May; 
Saturday mornings; 
9am - 11.30am

Pre-registration: $300 /year
Regular Registration: $325 /year

das Schulhaus Bus: Alle einsteigen!

das Schulhaus Bus: Alle einsteigen!


TEACHER: Yvonne Schmidt-Sobek
A fun and engaging learning environment suited to our youngest students. Songs, games, crafts and stories interspersed with educational activities make learning German pure child’s play. 

Level I
This class is designed for students who are beginning to learn the German language. This foundation class will begin by building students’ base vocabulary using the der/die/das system. Students will learn the alphabet, its phonetic sounds and how to spell words to build into simple sentences. They will begin to follow basic instructions in the classroom, learn numbers and calendar words. Through thematic units, students will get a chance to participate in reading, writing, listening and speaking.. 

Level II
TEACHER: Linda Froh
This class is designed for students who are building on the basic foundation of grammar and vocabulary of Grundschule I. Students at this level are able to read and produce simple sentences, conjugate verbs and have an understanding of the German cases. The class will build on the students’ prior knowledge and further their language acquisition in all areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

MITTELSTUFE (age 11-18)
Level A1 /teen beginner
TEACHER: Lilia Kowalsky
The class is designed for students with no prior knowledge of German. The course follows the European Framework of Reference for Languages and starts building Basics for students to join the Mittelstufe advanced Class in the future.

Level A2 / teen advanced
TEACHER: Kathrin Gillhoff
Reading and writing in German as well as further development of oral language skills using age-appropriate materials. The students are already working towards their A2 level

GERMAN STREAM age (7 - 18)
TEACHER: Sabine Wecker
The class is designed for students who speak German effortlessly. The course follows an adapted German elementary school curriculum. We work in several levels. (Level 1&2), Level 4 and Level 7.

PS: We reserve the right to reorganize classes and teachers due to enrolment numbers.