deutsch treff

Drinks & Deutsch

WO [where]:
im Stone Throw Regina

WANN [when]:
immer der erste Donnerstag im Monat um 19:00 Uhr
[first Thursday of the month at 7pm]

4. Oktober / 1. November / 6. Dezember

3. Januar / 7. Februar / 7. März / 4. April / 2. Mai / 6. Juni 

CONNECT:  facebook page will be set up soon


What is Deutsch-Treff?

Deutsch-Treff, also known as "Deutsch and Drinks" is a monthly meet up held at Stone's Throw, a modern twist on a "Stammtisch."

Come to Deutsch-Treff if you want:

  • a casual opportunity to speak German and learn about German culture

  • an opportunity to meet new people,

  • to network with the German speaking community

  • to have fun …