Lantern Walk
5:30 PM17:30

Lantern Walk

The Lantern Walk originates from the German tradition of the St. Martin’s procession which commemorates the life of St. Martin of Tours. Martin is best known for sharing his cloak with a beggar during a snowstorm. While the procession take their origin from a religious practice today they are strongly secular. Following the tradition of the St. Martin Processions also called Martinmas the procession we take a walk with our Lanterns through Wascana Park. (not far) 
The custom of carrying lanterns is rooted in the fact that “light needs to be brought into the darker times of the year” like many other festivals of lights traditions seen around the world. 

Lanterns will be carried by proud little hands through the early evening into the night.

We cordially invite you to join Das Schulhaus, where the lanterns we carry will bring light to the dark season of the year.

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